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Service Areas

FJD offers a variety of services performed by our qualified staff:

Business Advisory


Business advisory services are primarily focussed on the SMME market for businesses requiring innovative business management solutions. These services would typically include:


  • Business Development - critical risks and performance areas are identified and addressed through the implementation of appropriate systems of internal controls, staff planning and development;


  • Strategic business development;


  • Financial Management and financial modeling which may include the preparation of income statement adn cash flow budgets and forecasts;


  • FD Outsource - performing high-level functions which would typically be done by the business's FD

Accounting and Transaction support


Accounting and bookkeeping services are performed by our experienced accounting staff by using accounting software which best suit our clients business requirements.


The accounting or bookkeeping function can be performed at our clients' premises or on-line with various software modules which could cater for all accounting and bookkeeping functionalities.

FJD develops appropriate monthly reporting frameworks to ensure clients received relevant financial information for decision making.

Tax Consulting


Our dedicated staff could assist with planning an entity's tax affairs in the most beneficial manner.


We also offer assistance in the registration of all statutory tax requirements as well as the compliance with and filings for Value added tax, Pay as you Earn, Unemployment Insurance Fund, Skills Development Levies and Workmans Compensation Fund.


We can also assist in the calculation and submission of income tax returns for Individuals, Companies and Trusts and facilitate appeals with regard to incorrect tax assessments.



Review Engagements Compilation Engagements


Review engagements are conducted in accordance with the International Standard on Review Engagements 2400 (ISRE 2400).


This Standard requires that we plan and perform a review to obtain moderate assurance and express our opinion as to whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement.


A review is limited primarily to inquiries of company personnel and analytical procedures applied to financial data.


For clients with small business with public interest scores of less than 100, we offer a compilation report based on the financial information presented.

Compilation of Annual Financial Statements


To comply with the Company's Act requirements, FJD prepares annual financial statements in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standard for Small and

Medium-sized Entities.


The compilation of these statements takes into account and ensures the appropriate accounting policies are followed and consistently applied from preceding years.

Payroll Management


Payroll management usually occupies many resources and are time consuming, irrespective the size of a business.


Since time is a valuable commodity, outsourcing your payroll could save you a lot of hours spent producing payroll information and preparing payroll registers and reconciliations which every so often has to be filed with SARS.


Payroll Management offers solutions unique to your business and would help avoid penalties for miscalculations by doing this work for you.  

Trust and Estate planning


The main purpose of a Trust is to be used in protecting assets and when used efficiently, could also play a major role for estate planning purposes.


Although SARS has over the past number of years reduced the tax benefits derived from using trust for tax planning purposes, it still remains an effective vehicle to reduce possible tax liabilities over the long-term.

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